Learning from Athens

DOKOUMENA presents a full work-out programme exploring various new ways of exercising Eleftheria (≠Freedom) in a contemporary authentic Greek context. 
This is not meant for domestic use only but rather it seeks to expand on a Pan-Hellenic and Pan-Europian scale and beyond. 
The 34 exercises are governed by ancient greek as well as contemporary hellene demo-cratic principles. 
We are once again generously sharing our indigenous queer values with the world.
Presented at Athens Biennale "Waiting for the Barbarians" 2017

#10: Marinaki  1:32'

#11: Secreta et documenta 0:58'

#14: Colour the Peplos Kore 0:54'

#19: Postmodern Aschenputtel  1:21'

#22 Democracy, Mourning and Melancholia  2:12'

#24: Epitafios III  0:54'

still. #12: Ά-χρονος / A-chronos 
still. #30: #30 1992 the Achilles heel of Democracy
still. #3: North as a State of Mind
still. #63: Contemporary Αrtisan Αrt
still. #14: Colour the Peplos Kore
still. #22: Democracy, Mourning and Melancholia

34 Exercises of Eleftheria

full video: 47:11

presented at  Athens Biennale, Waiting for the Barbarians 2017

Concept Dokoumena team
directing & script
Φ78  / athanasios aA Thanatos
camera & cinematography
set design
34es / aA Thanatos
Lia Smaragda / aA Thanatos