lia smaragda 
performance artist
Lia Smaragda is a performance and visual artist. Her artistic practice involves performance art and self portrait photography/videography to explore themes of transfeminism, national identity/anti-greekness, the manosphere, humour, cringe, political correctness, gender, and queerness. 
Lia received her MA in performance making from Goldsmiths College, University of London and her BA in photography and audiovisual arts from the University of West Attica. She has been training in painting and music since childhood, and later in dance. 
Lia is a core member of CUNTemporary, overseeing various aspects of the public programmes including stage management, technical coordination of conferences and exhibitions as well as DJing. They are a founding member of 34es queer arts collective and a member of Aptaliko music company. Lia coordinates the Research Area Art as Research: Visual, Performative, and Documentary Knowledges, at FAC Research centre.
(Pronouns: she/they)