an exhibition-cum-performance-club-night promoting queer and feminist arts from all disciplines
Lia Foukis is core member of CUNTemporary since 2016 overseeing various aspects of the public programmes including stage management, technical coordination of conferences and exhibitions as well as DJing her unique mix of pussytronic/queertonic dance beats during the Live Art club nights Deep Trash.

Cunt Family, Deep Trash Escoria, photo Orlando Myxx, 2018

Smaragda at Deep Trash

Tritotetartes/34es at Deep Trash

Tritotetartes/34es at the symposium

Tritotetartes/34es at Greek Trash

Elena Poka & Foukis at Dreep Trash, Dj 34es

Djing etc. at Eco Trash

EcoFutures Festival Queer, Feminist and Decolonial Responses to Ecological & Environmental Changes 4-19 April 2019 / London