In a world of sex, violence, fast cars, and horses, what would a unicorn do?
A group of nineties kids from different cultures reunite and take you on a fantastical journey to discover their inner unicorns. In a hyper realistic world, our existence is amplified and explodes in our faces like a bubble gum balloon. We are encouraged to consume images, as if the only weapon to deal with our nature is an Instegram filter.
Those Images are magnified ill and it’s hard to differ between a dream, reality or a nightmare. In a sort of David Lynch, Diane Arbus manner, the banal appears grotesque and turns into magic.
Hence the material of the piece is readymade pop songs, YouTube sensations, high and low art is mixed, the traditional and the alternative, dominant cultures and sub cultures all under the umbrella of the “Desired Icon”. The unicorn is the symbol; the pink elephant in the room that watches us sometimes like a caring Buddha and sometimes like a controlling “Big Brother”.
However, the unicorn is all we got.
It’s time to celebrate the fantasy!
So hold your guilt and Join us as we show you what makes our unicorn special, How far can one go to preserve their unicorn?
In a genuine attempt with smoke machines, pink colors, strobe, drawings, loud music, dance and songs we maintain the illusion, can you see the cracks under the layers of glitter?
So don those horns and come join in on this journey of discovery.
Who knows, you might even find your unicorn in the process!

DIRECTED BY : Gur Arie Piepskowitz
DEVISED AND PERFORMED BY :  Maya Goldstein, Mafalda Miranda Jacinto, Anthi Kougia, Lia Foukis, Gur Arie Piepskowitz, Natalie Wong.
technical support of Kailing Fu.
photos by Christiano Luliano