IYGT 19:41'

’Indigenous you got talent’’ was created for Documena(Δοκούμενα) project  as part of Athens Biennale 2017,‘’Waiting for the Barbarians’’.
‘’Documena (Δοκούμενα) is a project that seeks to respond to how contemporary art production engages with the intense European crisis. Documena coincides with documenta 14 and intends to examine the latter’s decision to voluntarily relocate itself from Kassel to Athens (“learning from Athens”) along with the ideological presumptions that seem to guide such a choice’’.
‘’Indigenous you got talent’’ is a performance piece whose creation was based on the structure of a talent TV show, where artists compete for the title of the best political artist. 
duration of performance 60'
Created by Anthi Kougia & Smaragda Performed by Smaragda, Anthi Kougia, Zackie Oh, Lady Nata G, Vasiliki, Aposmini, Zhna, Digenis Fashion, ActiVista.

eleftheria = freedom, artistic intervention by Carya

Zackie Oh performing  "Jesus Died for You"

(“On Friday, September 21, 2018 Zak Kostopoulos, an activist of the LGBTIQ+ movement, HIV positive, antifascist and drag queen (Zackie Oh), was brutally assassinated in the centre of Athens, Greece, in public view. Zak's murder was instigated by “outraged citizens” with the tolerance and complicity of officers of the Greek Police. [...])

Judge no3 Carya

Lady Nata G playing the Hellenic  National Anthem on the metallophone

the last 2 survivors = Vasiliki vs Aposmini 

(Lady Nata G as the EU corpse of the north as a state of drowning southerner)

Hello Documenta14 , Omonoia Square Athens - Smaragda Vlog

Winner of IYGT1      

pic: Christos Michalopoulos