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covid19 cancelled opera rehearsal selfie

Working Class, Anna Goula and Smaragda for popaganda


wisheS 2017

smaragda backstage

selfie collage 2012


"The E.U." as an installation art, by foukis 2016

hotel bathroom Thessaloniki Greece 2016

Smaragda Supreme

the funeral of a curse 

A Curse @  mixed media 2014-2017

funeral of a curse



 paralia, katerini, greece, 2016

agalmatophilia,  elassona, greece, 2017

self portrait paralia, katerini, greece 2013

Selfimages - museum of photography Thessaloniki Greece, selfies with selfies, 2017

orthodoxy, veroia, greece


dead Bo(d)Y bye bye <3

birds shitting on me, acrylic paint / BnW print  / canvas 2016

34es crew - Me Aposmini and xEna 2014 Thessaloniki greece

selfportrait with beetroots inside my closet 2011


Closeted teenage girl 2007

early self-portrait painting, looking at the girl in the mirror 1998