©Max Hsieh
 Smaragda(LiaFoukis), Chidi Omari, Yujing Yan,  ©Max Hsieh


online getting objectified and harassed <3 they all love smaragda <3

You’re invited to become the audience of an online self-broadcast show, in a theatre space.

Presented with live-streaming technics and about the live-streaming world per se, TOGETHER looks at the codependent relationship between the online self-broadcasters and their followers. It is a game about the longing of integration, and the unavoidable failure of bonding.

During the performance, the audience can interact and communicate with the broadcasters via a specially designed app. 
Past performances:
9 June 2019 @ The Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space 2019
8 December 2018 @ Online Performance Art Festival (Iris special)
18-19 September 2018 @ Camden People's Theatre

14-16 May 2018 @ Colab Factory
16 March 2018 @ Camden People's Theatre
(Preview) 16 December 2017 @ Goldsmiths University
Concept, direction and design: Mengting Zhuo & Yujing Yan
Performance: Smaragda , Yujing Yan, Greg McLaren (2019), Chidi Omari (Sep 2018), Piotr Mirowski (Mar&May 2018), Maya Goldstein (Dec 2017)
Dramaturgy: Dandan Liu (2019)
Technical design: Piotr Mirowski
Voiceover: Beatrice Benedek (2019)
Poster design: Yujing Yan

Image credits: (c) Cao Cong /Lia Foukis /Max Hsieh