the ΕΛ  gene

girls: Aposmini, Smaragda, Xena

34es (EN: Tritotetartes, GR: Τριτοτέταρτες, meaning third/fourth-rate girls) is a post-punk, post-internet, post-avant-drag queer (the queer queer) collective from Greece.
 Formed in 2014 by three “second-rate” friends from childhood all raised in the small town of Katerini near Thessaloniki, Greece. The 34es project consists of multiple personas invading social media with human avatars, reptilians, mermaids and other creatures; each persona aspires to consume and reproduce the current cultural landscape’s trend for the multi-dimensional aspect of every field: multimedia, multidisciplinary, multi-conceptual, live art, sometimes opera, sometimes soap-opera, sometimes live-art-soap-opera-multi-extravaganza! 34es addresses issues of non-conformity, comfort, community, normativity, trash ♥, drag, religion, gender-bending, likes, youtubing, haters, fashion, lifestyle, western medicine, conspiracy theories, “it doesn't sell unless it's #sexy #masculine #fit #peace”, live your myth in Greece.
[ ... ] tritotetartes have been part of Sound Acts in different forms since its beginning, from appearing in impromptu happenings to staging grotesque TV-show performances. Refusing to be mainstream and take their cues from RuPaul's Drag Race, Tritotetartes do not strive for glamour and flawless entertainment, but rather for decay, the grotesque and the self-referential. Their mixture of monstrous appearances, dark sense of humour, radical anti-nationalist politics and an equal love for trashy greek music and high-brow opera delights as much as alienates.  (by: )
korinos homo beach, katerini greece
Amazons live here 
if you wanna enter, get some hormones 
Sex-worker girlfriends 
and plus-size beauties 
*song 10'μαζονες

CD with Smaragda

all songs by other people / lyrics, concepts and performance by 34es / recorded and produced by filtig / text translations: fouavo, auho, loiza, fil / album pic by foukis

music videos by 34es

released July 16, 2016

 lyrics available :

12 *monogamous Bear, 34es cover, (the) objectification version , video foukis

You came amid the cold night and said it's hot
 you took out your shirt and you were horny
 You told me you had a boyfriend but I was not listening fascinated by your huge belly
 I do not want to see you again but I want to be inside you 
the hair through the tight checkered shirt so horny wanting it so but not being allowed to
 Why are you, are you a monogamous Bear hibernating sexually 
deep inside I wouldn’t want you to be so hot but it’s not my fault they taught you all wrong. 
You came by here again and said it's hot Sweat on the big fat ass imprinted
 You told me about a closed relationship but I was not listening i was fascinated by your big thighs
 I do not want to see you…
 You're, you’re a monogamous Bear with a sexy but heteronormative snout 
deep inside I wouldn’t want you to be this 
but it’s not my fault that fatness is so sexy 
so so so so so sexy!​​​​​​​

papagalos / parrot by 34es , video foukis

Before I go shopping to the flea market 
Suddenly as I’m walking 
I face a pet shop 
Jesus, what bird is that 

I want it as an ornament 
Can’t be without feathers 
In the china cabinet I want a parrot 
Silly exotic bird 

The neighbors yell 
They mess with me all the time 
But they don’t understand 
What it’s like to have a birdy 

You need to be a tough man 
I only tell you “Cross” 
So I got a parrot 
You can take a hunting rifle 

What fault is it of the dog 
What fate is in store for it 
I better take it from you 
It’ll hang out even with a parrot 

Two peacocks I took yesterday 
They had perfect tails 
The house got filled with feathers 
Cronos and Aphrodite 

I walk them in the yard 
We drink bird food tea 
They are jealous of the relationship 
Between feathery beings 

The neighbors yell 
They mess with me all the time 
But they don’t understand 
What it’s like to have a birdy 

I put golden Lenor 
On my wig to be washed 
The parrot shat on it 
The bird is innocent 


(What the hell, are these chicken fleas on these feathers?) 


You try to be manly 
They taught you so and you swallowed it 
I’m telling you, get a parrot 
Become real for a moment 

They tell you become a real man 
Normality and boring 
Babe, get a parrot 
Shiny really true bird 


Get a parrottttttt


by filtig + 34es , video filtig

34es potpourri Greek Trash,2016 created and performed by Anthi Kougia & 34es

2 ...
You are Hellene, we are all hellenes 
The only nation without toxic waste 
You are Hellene, you're my greek lover 
We have the best olive oil in the world 
Buy me greek food, manaraki 
Take me to bouzoukia and we'll dance syrtaki 
Turkish coffee, Hellene coffee 
Serbian Romanian Bulgarian coffee 
It's all the same, who cares really 
Anyway let's call it post-Ottoman coffee...

Queertafios, AMOQA Athens, Resurrection Day, 2016

Cognac with Smaragda, Sound Acts 2016, Athens

In Sound Acts 2016, Athens, Cognac With Smaragda was a 2-hour multimedia performance talk show, tackling greekness, religion, fashion, identity, high culture ,gossip shows etc. 
It was never finished as the greeek police intervened after a tip from a local resident about 'homosexual behaviour' in the venue.

! ! ! 
(“On Friday, September 21, 2018 Zak Kostopoulos, an activist of the LGBTIQ+ movement, HIV positive, antifascist and drag queen (Zackie Oh), was brutally assassinated in the centre of Athens, Greece, in public view. Zak's murder was instigated by “outraged citizens” with the tolerance and complicity of officers of the Greek Police. [...])

34es improvisation of agony, Sound Acts, Athens Festival 2017

Bow Arts Nunery Gallery East London, having fun partying

 Smaragda's funeral, Olympus Landfill Katerini, Greece

34es and filtig, video filtig/foukis

Save Us From AvantGarde , 2014

34es webpage press below:

Save us from Queer, 2018